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woot softball! and Duff on Disney

Posted on 2010.04.29 at 15:18
So it is official softball season here in Coventry! (lol well on the 24th!) I have been chillen' down at Paine field watching the games and Sunday I will go to our new fields and see some more games. I have been down every day this week except sunday...stupid rain.

So I have been re-searching things about my grandpa's infantry division (since he died last month)

I found out there was book so today I went to look for it and found out that there are TWO books. When I went to the Coventry Library they did not have for reference or borrow but West Warwick did so when I went I found out about the second's books existence. My grandpa's name was it since he got the Bronze Star. The book I thought they had is only in the United Kingdom and Australia....I was like uh-wow-okay. So the one that I looked once one frees up under the borrowing list will be going to Coventry and then I look at it more.

So I know I will be down at Paine today lol....

ohhh and lol I was flipping threw on the TV and Duff from Ace of Cakes was on a Disney show "Imagination Movers" so I have never heard of it before...and it kindda scares me

So it's not all of it but it's just enough to scare you. lol I did some looking in to it and Duff's episode is "Muffin Man" 

lol take a guess at the "secret ingredient" 

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